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 About Quarta Columna
   Swiss foundation for investigative journalism

The Quarta Columna Foundation

Investigative journalism is costly and time consuming; consequently journalists have increasingly less time and money to investigate relevant stories that are in the public’s interest.

Authorities, businesses and entrepreneurs have hired communication and public relation personnel whose role is to influence public opinion in their favour. To counter this trend, journalists require financial support to enable them to thoroughly investigate the true facts.

The Foundation Quarta Columna provides financial assistance to journalists in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide, that investigate complex and relevant stories. The Foundation assists in publication throughout various media and provides a platform for publication.

Quarta Columna is a non-profit organization funded by private donations.

The Quarta Columna association

The association's goals is to support setting up Quarta Columna Foundation. The association helps by raising funds for and promoting Quarta Columna Foundation. The association also is the elective body for the board of Quarta Columna foundation. Every person or company can become a member of the association.

The Management

Jean François Tanda oversees the management of Quarta Columna and has extensive journalism experience with several leading Swiss newspapers. Tanda is globally known for his investigation into corruption and systematic bribery within the football world and its governing body Fifa. He has published internationally in The Guardian (UK), The Economist (UK), Facta magazine (Japan) and Die Welt (Germany). In 2012, he was a lecturer at the Summer School of the Centre of Investigative Journalism at City University of London and today works at Handelszeitung, a Zurich based business weekly.

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